Annual Academic Sessions 2017

Surgical care – Optime Maxime


17th August

Breakfast Sessions

Difficult Cholecystectomy

Large Bowel Crohn’s Disease


Soles Vs Sugar - War in Sri Lanka

Resolving ethical dilemmas in live donor renal transplantation in an endemic area of chronic kidney disease of unknown origin - A step forward

Gabriel Memorial Lecture

Transforming Innovation: A Paradigm Shift in Breast Cancer Health Care in India


The Evolution & Management of Breast Cancer

Improving Pancreatic Surgery: How to Reduce Morbidity

Reducing Error and Improving Quality in Surgical Practice

Robotic Colorectal Surgery: Current status and challenges

Watch and wait in rectal cancer: Selecting the ideal candidates

The Importance of HPB & Transplant Surgery and Surgical Education

Congress Lecture – Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm : Still a Mystery

18th August

Breakfast Sessions

Current issues in the management of Gastric Cancer

ANZCCSSL Lecture – Leaking Abdomen


Developing an interest within the speciality of general surgery: The way forward

Parallel Symposia

SAARC Surgical Care Society Symposium – Inter-country Training of Surgeons – The Way Forward

Cardiothoracic Surgery Symposium

Urology for General Surgeons; A Case Based Discussion


Improving Outcome in General Emergency Surgery: The UK Experience

Professional Standards – A Perspective from Australia

Current Management of Burns

Surgical Care Towards the End of Life

Direct Observation of Procedural Skills in Surgery (DOPS)

Modern Diagnosis and Management of Gastro-esophageal Reflux

Enhanced Recovery after Surgery in Colorectal Cancer

Management of Neuro Endocrine Tumors of the Gut

Royal College of Edinburgh Lecture

Surgical Issues in Paediatric Renal Transplantation in Sri Lanka

SAARC Surgical Care Society Oration

Paediatric Transplantation: Where are we now? Challenges in Low Income Countries

P R Anthonis Memorial Lecture

Workplace Based Assessment, History, Highs and Lows

19th August

Breakfast Sessions

Minimally invasive surgery in children: When and when not to

Tips and Tricks in Identifying, Preserving and Re-Implanting the Parathyroid


Challenges and Contentious Issues in Endocrine Surgery

Liver Transplantation

Keynote Address

Hot Topics in Adrenal Surgery


Paediatric trauma in modern era

Crucial controversies in the management of soft tissue sarcomas

Colonic Stenting as a Bridge to Surgery in Large Bowel Obstruction

Sexual Violence and Harassment in Workplace

Training and Innovations in Minimally Invasive Surgery: 9 Years of IRCAD Taiwan Experience